1. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. You have to make stuff to have a bitchin’ economy. We don’t make enough stuff.
  2. My “personal banker” (according to him) called me yesterday to see if I wanted to “save some money” by switching to an adjustable rate mortgage. I asked if he would sell me a credit default swap based on the weakest tranche of the other people he was calling. Not even a chuckle. Clearly, these fuckers learn slowly.
  3. Learning new software is one of my favorite things. Not up there with fishing or dinner parties or wrasslin’ with my kids, but certainly in an adjacent neighborhood.
  4. It’s frickin ridiculous how much you can get done with free software. I just built a Joomla site and I’m a little staggered by how much you get for so little. I guess I still have this 90s paradigm in my head where you need to spend lots of money every time you want some new ability. The fact that Joomla is free and MS Word (for example) costs hundreds of dollars is kind of hilarious.
  5. I got push polled by one of our candidates for state Treasurer. I’d never heard of him or his opponent. The poll consisted of them telling me all sorts of glowing and unrealistic things about the poll sponsor, and then informing me that his opponent was a child molester or terrorist or recidivist chronic jaywalker or something, and then asking who I was likely to vote for. “The guy who didn’t call me at dinnertime with all this complete bullshit.” I hope they wrote that down.
  6. With the kids at camp and Restaurant Week in full swing, She and I have been eating out a lot. Last night we found a little gem in a strip mall in Westwood, of all places. Ya never know.
  7. The Restaurant Week menu prices are so reasonable that I feel I need to augment my order with high-margin extras. Hence the martini.
  8. Green Day was great. Better than last year at the Garden. Jennifer even laughed at the drunken bunny. Wonders unceasing.
  9. Talked to Super Sky Pie via a special birthday phone call from camp last night. She seemed pretty blasé about it, but I’m definitely jonesing.
  10. I can feel September bearing down on me. School, sports, work, church. It all starts up again.
  11. Calgon, take me away.
  12. “Away” is in Utah, by the way.
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4 Responses to Potpourri

  1. liz says:

    Hey Chris,
    Let me know when you make it out to Utah — that’s close enough to meet you! We’ll likely head out that direction one long weekend in October to camp and bike/hike for a few days…
    Love your blog.

  2. beeker says:

    I got the same push poll. I tried extra hard to make sure their candidate was the one I wasn’t voting for.

  3. WFNYCraig says:

    You aren’t being fair… With MS Word I can… hmmm… but using MS Word allows me to… well… If I didn’t have MS Word available to me… alright…

    Without MS Word I would have far less to complain about on a monthly basis.

    Don’t get me started on the uselessness of Outlook. I used to pine for the ability to use outlook because I was stuck at a company with Lotus Notes. Now, I don’t understand why anyone would use either.

  4. kiddicus says:

    re: push polling.

    Someone tried this once. I informed them that I’m not a registered voter, and that when I do vote I ALWAYS vote Nader. The nice lady on the phone reminded me that this was for Reigning Sith Lord of Cuyahoga County or something, and I told her that I write him in for everything. Eventually, she hung up. Never had another once since.

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