New Emotions

Is there a one-word emotion that describes the feeling one gets when one has gotten all geared up to do battle with some business, and then they just do the right thing without being battled? It’s mostly satisfaction, but with a little tinge of disappointment and all this stored up energy that one (OK, I) didn’t get to unleash.

To make matters even better (worse), this was Staples, and when the person at the counter tried to staple my new excellent negative-amount “return” receipt to my original receipt, there were no STAPLES in her stapler. So I said something like “Oh, the grand irony…” and instead of the expected drone response (“Uh…yah…”) she said something like “My god, the times in which we live…” or something equally wry. I guess this recession is propelling clever people into sales jobs at Staples. Which brings us full circle, with me needing another modern emotion to encompass both my pleasure at finding this unexpected clever person, and my hope that she’ll soon be doing something else.

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2 Responses to New Emotions

  1. kiddicus says:

    If you just go in full of bluster and blow your whole angry load right off the rip, you are never left with that I got what I wanted but only got half of my frustration-caused-by-these-assholes out feeling.

    This approach, however, has led many people to label me ‘confrontational’ or ‘an asshole’, so use it with care

  2. tehdmv says:

    found this place after hungrily googling a croque-monsieur, then googling the translation. good luck with your blog. ingenius name. lol.

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