The New Coolness

Not that anyone cares, but here’s what will be going into my new PC build:

CPU Intel i5-2500K (Sandy Bridge)
Room a zoom zoom.
Mobo Intel H67
Yeah, I know it doesn’t overclock, but I want to use the integrated graphics. Very energy efficient.
CPU Cooler Gelid Tranquillo
Looks good…we’ll see.
Case Fans Scythe PWM x 2
Push a lot of air, very quietly.
RAM Corsair 2x4gb
Case Antec P183
So much space for my activities!
Power Supply Kingwin LZP550
Among the quietest, most efficient PSUs available
HD1 Crucial M4 64GB (Solid State Drive)
For the OS and main apps.
HD2 Western Digital Green 2TB
What will I do with two terabytes? I’ll find something.
DVD Drive Asus
OS Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
The Stockholm Syndrome continues…

Case: Antec P183

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2 Responses to The New Coolness

  1. aidelmaidel says:

    Will it be as quiet as a dead ninja? Or how ever you wrote it previously?

  2. Chris says:

    Hear that? No? Exactly.

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