Chris Hess, known to his imaginary friends as Mister Crunchy, might write about topics including but not necessarily restricted to:

  • Politics, and the inconvenience of having ours be conducted by other people.
  • Technology, and the very cool and totally infuriating things it enables.
  • Business and the economy, featuring reflections on how bad capitalism is despite being 1,000% better than any of the other options.
  • Religion, in which I’m inexplicably involved, despite having little/no belief in things supernatural.
  • Music and movies, and how everything new is bad. Well, mostly.
  • My family, friends, and neighbors, and the highlarious things they do.
  • Any other damn thing I think of.

I wonder if blogging has jumped the shark, but sometimes I’ve just got to blab to someone and Jennifer travels a lot.

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