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Social Media is Totally Simple

A silly little diagram of how all my social media accounts link together. Continue reading

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Hell Hath No Fury

…like a sports fan scorned. Without looking too hard, I found the following new nicknames for Lebron James on various sport-related bulletin boards: Jester James King Shames The Lyin’ King Black Modell His Quitness Queen James King Pippen The Prince … Continue reading

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Thanks, Lebron

Having gone to all sorts of trouble to resurrect this website from the watery grave poured by Blogger and my own recent lack of blogtastic inspiration, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the right topic for a first “real” … Continue reading

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Independence Day, Fairlee, Vermont

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If They Keep Making Them, I’ll Keep Watching


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Star Wars iPad Briefing

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Birth Pains, or It Hurts Coming Back From the Dead

Should you find yourself in the situation of needing to move oh, let’s say 1,100 Blogger posts to your new WordPress site (dot org…as in hosted by you), my experiences might be useful: You might think that you can just … Continue reading

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This Blog is Undead

You’re reading this on WordPress. Blogger hosed me, so I had to switch. And I’ve kinda got the blathering bug. So I need a place to blather. I seem to have managed to import all 1,100 old posts, but gawd … Continue reading

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This Blog Is Was Hosed

Not that I’ve been posting, but this blog is about to get thrown under the bus by its two software providers. Google, parent of Blogger, my content system, is discontinuing support for FTP updating, and Haloscan, host of comments, is … Continue reading

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Poker Face

YouTube of Christopher Walken “performing” Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Continue reading

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