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The New Coolness

Not that anyone cares, but here’s what will be going into my new PC build: CPU Intel i5-2500K (Sandy Bridge)Room a zoom zoom. Mobo Intel H67Yeah, I know it doesn’t overclock, but I want to use the integrated graphics. Very … Continue reading

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Heatseekers, please help me out

I’ve come to the conclusion that my Bah Humbug attitude toward (and attendant resistance to adopting) smart phones has gone on too long. Not that I think I have a compelling need for a smart phone for my own personal … Continue reading

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Social Media is Totally Simple

A silly little diagram of how all my social media accounts link together. Continue reading

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Star Wars iPad Briefing

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Birth Pains, or It Hurts Coming Back From the Dead

Should you find yourself in the situation of needing to move oh, let’s say 1,100 Blogger posts to your new WordPress site (dot org…as in hosted by you), my experiences might be useful: You might think that you can just … Continue reading

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This Blog is Undead

You’re reading this on WordPress. Blogger hosed me, so I had to switch. And I’ve kinda got the blathering bug. So I need a place to blather. I seem to have managed to import all 1,100 old posts, but gawd … Continue reading

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This Blog Is Was Hosed

Not that I’ve been posting, but this blog is about to get thrown under the bus by its two software providers. Google, parent of Blogger, my content system, is discontinuing support for FTP updating, and Haloscan, host of comments, is … Continue reading

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In Which We Fix Your Lousy Indoor Photography

This is for everyone who sprung for a spiffy digital SLR camera and doesn’t understand why photos you take indoors look like crap. My indoor photos used to look like crap, but I figured out why that was, and (with … Continue reading

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Completion Backward Principle

I spilled a goodly portion of Caffeine Free Diet Coke on my keyboard the other day. Despite my most earnest ministrations, it died. I went to Staples and picked up a cheap basic keyboard, but it was met with howls … Continue reading

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The ol’ clock on the wall says it’s time to pick on Microsoft again. Our topic today is the email editor in Outlook 2007. I got a copy of Office 07 for a song from our church auction. It’s been … Continue reading

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