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Four Scenes With the School Nurse

I. Daughter Uno goes to School Nurse with a rash. School Nurse says “You have a rash,” and sends her back to classes for the rest of the day. After she gets home, I take her to the doctor. The … Continue reading

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Old, much?

If you’re having trouble coming to grips with how old you are, try this: show your kids a movie you think of as being from “your” time. Quotes from my daughter during a recent screening of Terminator1: “Hair, much?” “Motorcycle … Continue reading

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Town Band Concert

Big was rocking the trombone and Little and I were audiencing. Auditing. Watching. Whatever. The fifth grade band played, then the sixth, then 7/8 and so on, all the way up to the elite high school super band ninjas. My … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not.

Always on the lookout for an art project to keep the girls from watching Full House or Hannah Montana or America’s Next Most Emaciated Narcissistic Thimblehead, I asked Soph and Sky to camo-ify some paintball pods. Once I convinced them … Continue reading

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