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Four Scenes With the School Nurse

I. Daughter Uno goes to School Nurse with a rash. School Nurse says “You have a rash,” and sends her back to classes for the rest of the day. After she gets home, I take her to the doctor. The … Continue reading

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Waiting in a Line of Cars

[Chris was rocking out to his own internal soundtrack, which was playing "I Eat Cannibals."] Soph: You eat people who eat people? C: Apparently. Soph: Dad, that’s so wrong. C: It’s just a song. Soph: It’s like a turducken.

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Well, It’s Not ONLY That…

Sophie and I were doing our suburban consumer duty, waiting in the checkout line at Costco to spend the package we haven’t been stimulated by yet, talking about the meds I’m taking and getting my blood tested all the time, … Continue reading

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Old, much?

If you’re having trouble coming to grips with how old you are, try this: show your kids a movie you think of as being from “your” time. Quotes from my daughter during a recent screening of Terminator1: “Hair, much?” “Motorcycle … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not.

Always on the lookout for an art project to keep the girls from watching Full House or Hannah Montana or America’s Next Most Emaciated Narcissistic Thimblehead, I asked Soph and Sky to camo-ify some paintball pods. Once I convinced them … Continue reading

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Tolerance is Learned

As I was driving with the girlies in the car yesterday, I tuned in my public radio station of choice, WBUR. It was a piece about the whole Mother Teresa revelation, no pun intended, and it included the word “Jesus” … Continue reading

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