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Airport Pickup

We emerge from the motorized walkway on the pedestrian bridge, and I stop at the little kiosk where I insert money and the parking ticket gets validated. So far so good. We walk out into the parking garage. I try … Continue reading

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Healthcare Might Be Getting Better, or Maybe My Standards Are Low

First, when we took Jennifer to get her foot fixed, the hospital gave us a $10 voucher because they didn’t see her within 30 minutes of her appointment. (And our next pizza is free!) Then, today, I arrive for an … Continue reading

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The Funniest Person I Know

(With apologies to my UU brothers and sisters.) Me: Hey honey, did you see that General Assembly voted to approve [vague, well-intentioned social justice proposal that we think is goofy but someone reading this might sincerely care about, so I’m … Continue reading

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Precision Bean Buying

Jennifer wanted me to buy some beans, so she emailed me this jpeg of a can of beans. I’m not exactly sure why I find this so funny, but it’s killing me. It’s some combination of thinking of her Googling … Continue reading

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Let’s Vote on It

Totally Hypothetical Female: “Chris!” Totally Hypothetical Male: “Yo.” THF: “What part or parts of your body, exactly, did you use my washcloth on?” THM: “Honey, before I answer that, are you aware that the shamans of the Sussudio tribe from … Continue reading

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